Dance in the Schools

Fun, culturally relevant dance instruction.

Single all day workshops to month long residencies!
instructors create an environment where students feel good about themselves so they feel inspired to learn. Explanation is minimized, movement is maximized. The classes build a movement vocabulary that can be modified, combined and expanded. Students learn to incorporate breath to maximize movement, stretch and flexibility.  Powerful, clean and diverse music is also integral to the classes. Students learn to articulate the beat internally, marking the rhythm through isolations of the shoulder, hip and rib cage.

Every class opens with a brief social circle.  A series of movements are introduced and gradually build to a dance combination. Each class also has time for structured improvisation within parameters that require students to think about some of the core aspects of dance.  They might be challenged to use movements they have learned but rearrange them. They improvise to different tempos and genres of music, and talk about how they create movements that fit the style. There is never pressure to dance in front of their peers. Often students who are initially reluctant become more comfortable dancing for the group as they become more engaged in the process. Teachers are often surprised at how their “shy” students give it a try.  He ensures students feel safe so they can let go of some of the attitudes they may bring from other aspects of their lives.

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School Residencies fill up quickly.  It is recommended to book early.

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