Meet Some of Our Amazing Students


“I love this class. It is still exciting after 3 years. Chris has such a way of teaching that you can’t believe you completed the routine that you thought was too complex to get. But we all get it!”

– Joyce Anderson

“I love how the movement and music click in a danceDaigre class. It’s a workout too, building endurance and skill. Anyone who enjoys dance can do most of the class successfully: the day‘s choreography is built by adding short sequences, one at a time, and using a “vocabulary” of steps and movement that become familiar.”

– Susan Ward


"Each one of Chris’s classes brings an hour of pure happiness. I am not a trained dancer or a naturally good dancer. But Chris breaks the dances down into steps that anyone can follow. Before you know it, you are dancing! Before you know it you are thinking about the music instead of your feet."

– Julianne Paschkis


“Chris’ class is both soothing and invigorating! Chris’ moves and the music he chooses are fun, funky, and just make me happy. He teaches with a quiet warmth that is unique and very special, and I always feel lucky to be there.”

– Kyra Butzel


“I love these classes. They are accessible to all levels, and nothing is too complex for all to learn. Everyone in class is friendly and supportive. I love that we do the same choreography to different music, so we learn to dance with musicality. ”

– Mariah St Clair