What if

work was a

dance party?!

Are you looking for a fun and unique experience for your team to promote health and happiness in your organization? danceDaigre will get your team on their feet, move their bodies and get into the groove with a jazz hip hop class that everyone will love. No dance experience necessary - even those who think they have two left feet will have fun with the feel good moves and music.

The danceDaigre Experience

danceDaigre provides an onsite dance class as a group activity with great music This class is designed to:

  1. Fosters connection between team members

  2. Promote creative expression

  3. Be fun and easy for everyone

The Benefits of Dance

  • Reduce Stress

  • Improve Mood

  • Relaxing Self Care

“Movng, stretching, and dancing really energized all of us that participated.

I saw so many smiles on the faces of my colleagues

and could tell they were having a great time”

Mary Pat O’leary RN. BSN,

City of Seattle Human Services Dept.

“Each one of Chris’s classes brings an hour of pure happiness.

I am not a trained dancer or a naturally good dancer. But Chris breaks the dances down into steps that anyone can follow.

Before you know it, you are dancing! Before you know it you are thinking about the music instead of your feet.”